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Dr. Terry McGovern is a dad, Christian, and veteran running as a moderate Democrat in House District 67. His campaign centers on fighting for Iowa's working families, vulnerable populations, and local businesses.

Terry grew up in a large family of 11 kids in Epworth, Iowa and put himself through college at the University of Iowa thanks his personal savings, a small loan from his brother, a union tool and die specialist, and an Air Force ROTC Scholarship. His father was a teamster truck driver who he credits for influencing his political views and his passion for advocating for policies that benefits Iowa's workers. He later earned a doctorate in Business Administration from the University of South Florida, a doctorate in Management from the University of Phoenix. Terry also holds three Masters degrees. 

Currently, Terry is a resident of rural Delaware County and a management professor at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in leadership, strategy, and management. He is also a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who served in nuclear missile and space operations, worked as a speech writer for a Navy Admiral in charge of Strategic Command's Global Operations, taught at Iowa State University ROTC, the US Air Force Academy, and National Defense University. Terry spent three years in the Pentagon as director of a research cell for the Air Force’s highest-ranking leadership, the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff.

Terry and his wife live in south of Petersburg with their 4 children. He is active in the St. Peter and Paul parish, serves as Scoutmaster for Dyersville’s Boy Scout Troop 60, and a karate instructor for the Dyersville Karate Club. Terry is a 2nd degree black belt in two different styles of karate, enjoys backpacking, and traveling with his family. He has visited all 50 states, honoring a pledge to a WWII Marine Cherokee Indian who challenged him to see all of America in his lifetime. 

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