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"My campaign centers on working families, our children, the future of Iowa, our rural communities, and local businesses—groups neglected under six years of GOP and special interests’ reign. Iowa families are paying the price; too many are living paycheck to paycheck. Too few people are moving here and too many residents are leaving. We need a new vision of our state; one that makes Iowa distinctive to attract talent and help us retain workers our businesses need to thrive."

Public schools

Iowa used to be number one in public education, but now our state legislature has started putting our students last and driving our teachers away. We need to invest in high-quality public education in every community across Iowa, whether you're in a small town or big city, and keep public dollars in public schools. We also need to do more to make higher education affordable for Iowa's students and their families so that we're retaining our state's talent and giving them the education they need to become ready for a modern workforce.

Working iowans

Independent farmers, union workers, teachers, front line employees, local businesses—these are my people, and I will fight to ensure their interests are protected. Everyday people need a voice in our government and I'm ready to stand up for them. I support our unions and local businesses-- it's time the state legislature did the same by raising the minimum wage and funding our social and quality of life programs. For too long, these programs have been underfunded in lieu of tax cuts and corporate hand-outs which disproportionately favor the wealthiest 5% of Iowans

Investing in rural iowa

Even within Iowa, our rural communities are seeing too many families leave or pay the price as they've been neglected by the GOP's control of the legislature. I stand with independent farmers and our small towns-- it's past time to invest in rural Iowa and in places like House District 67. Investing in union jobs, public schools, well-funded hospitals, infrastructure, eminent domain protections, and rural broadband are all ways we can improve the quality of life in our rural communities and keep them not only alive, but thriving. 

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